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What To Look For When Hiring A Limo To Airport

Anyone who has flown out of O’Hare airport in Chicago knows how busy it is. Not only is the airport busy, but getting there on time can sometimes become a hassle due to traffic. This is why, the next time you have a flight to take, consider hiring a limo to ORD. if this is your first time here are four things to look for when hiring a limo to the airport.

  1. Reliability

The reliability of the company is the first thing you should look into. You will need to arrive at the airport well ahead of your flight time so as to not rush through security clearing. And for that, the limo you hire must be there on time. If a company is not reliable in this regard and has a bad reputation for letting down its clients, there is no point hiring them even if their prices are the cheapest.

  1. Sincere pricing model

A limo rental company will have a fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. You should choose a vehicle that will fit all of you taking the flight. Now based on that, the company will provide you with a pricing model. The clear it is, the better it is for you. A good company will give you a detailed quote telling you about each charge. They will let you know what is included in the service charges and what amenities you have to pay extra for. You should focus on the base fee and what comes with it. When you are comparing different limo rental companies, this is what you should be comparing.

  1. Licensed chauffeurs

Not everyone is licensed to drive a limo and its different variations. The amount you spent on hiring a limo is not just for the vehicle but also for the chauffeured service that this vehicle promise. So, pay attention to the license of your driver. He should have Public Chauffer’s license from the relevant Chicago city department. Only with a licensed and trained chauffeur can you get that personalized service that makes limo rides so special.

  1. Flexible with their offers

Not all people taking a limousine car service to O’Hare have the same need. Some may need to be picked up from a suburban address while some may have a group of travelers who need to pick up from different points. So, when you are discussing packages with a limo rental company, you have to see how much flexibility they offer. If they are rigid with their packages and do not accommodate your needs, you should look for another rental company.