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Transportation to Midway Airport

3 Ways To Go Around In Chicago

If you are visiting Chicago for the first time, you should know how to go around the city. Windy City has a good transportation system with everything from public transport to private tour services in Chicago. For your help, here are details about 3 of them.

Public Transport

Public transport in Chicago is quite well-connected. It is, of course, the cheapest one and overall, the public transport system is the third-largest in the world. It connects to every important part of the city and has a dedicated airport line to O’Hare airport. The 129 bus routes and 8 metro lines in Chicago cover the whole city like a grid. Tourists find it easy to access and visit major attractions as there is a train stop or bus stop or both near all of them. The blue line connects O’Hare airport to downtown Chicago whereas the orange line connects Midway to the same place. As said before, it is the cheapest, and tourists can also opt for unlimited transit passes for one or three days. The only downside is that they are often late and not so safe late at night.


Taxis are quite frequent on Chicago streets and can be hailed quickly. There are also apps for eBook cabs like Curb. Most taxis take in credit cards. Rideshares like Uber and Lyft also operate in Chicago city. The frequency and availability of such transports depend on your area and the time of the day. Taxis and rideshares are relatively inexpensive, and the price depends on distance. They are the best option when going to an area not covered by public transport or if you are out to enjoy the nightlife as they are a safer option than public transport.

Limo or Black car rentals

If you want to see the city or need transportation to Midway airport or O’Hare airport in a luxury manner, then go for limo rental services. The services will provide you with a limo and a professional chauffeur. You can also get amenities like beverages and food. The interiors are comfortable, with ample leg space. They are the best option if you are in the city to have a bachelorette party or for a wedding. Hiring a limo to and from the airport is also a great idea because they are more punctual and available at odd hours than your regular taxi or rideshares.

So, these three crucial transportation systems in Chicago can help you get around the city.