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Navigating Illinois’ COVID Surge: Why a Chicago Car Service is Your Best Bet

Illinois is in the grip of a COVID-19 surge, and with so much uncertainty in the air, every decision we make, especially around travel, needs a safety-first approach. This is where choosing a Chicago car service can make all the difference.

A Snapshot of Today’s Illinois

It’s not just us; the nation feels the heat. The CDC recently shared concerning stats: hospitalizations have gone up by 19% in a week, and deaths have climbed by 21%. While most states are grappling, only a few, like Alaska, New Hampshire, and North Dakota, have seen a decline in COVID-related hospital stays.

For Illinois, the situation is tense. In the final week of August alone, 441 locals ended up in hospitals battling confirmed COVID-19 symptoms. And specific regions, namely Marion, Washington, Johnson, and Massac, seem harder hit than others, with over 10 COVID hospitalizations each.

However, South Dakota took the hardest hit, experiencing a worrying 127% rise in just seven days.

The Silver Lining: A Potential Booster

There’s some hope on the horizon. An upcoming booster shot, crafted to tackle a recent strain of the omicron variant, is in the works. But we might have to be patient till the end of September for its approval. Meanwhile, as kids and college students head back to campuses, the situation remains unpredictable.

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, a well-regarded infectious disease expert at UCSF, paints a cyclical picture, suggesting an ebb and flow of cases with “a smaller swell in the summer and a larger increase in the late fall and winter.”

Travel Safely with a Car Service in Chicago

In these trying times, our safety choices matter more than ever, especially when it comes to commuting.

Reasons to Go for a Car Service:

  1. Personal Space: Ditch the crowded public transport for the personalized comfort of a Chicago car service. Fewer fellow passengers mean reduced exposure risks.
  2. Sparkling Clean: Quality car services in Chicago maintain high hygiene standards, regularly cleaning and sanitizing vehicles for passenger safety.
  3. Skilled Drivers: Searching for a car service near me? Remember, the best ones have professionally-trained drivers aware of safety protocols.

With COVID-19 charts ebbing and flowing, why not choose a transport option that offers safety, comfort, and peace of mind?