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Why I’m Choosing Black Car Services Over Uber & Lyft During the Latest COVID-19 Wave

Hey everyone!

So, with this new strain of COVID-19 doing the rounds, I’ve been thinking about how I get from A to B. Uber and Lyft have been my go-to’s for a while – they’re convenient and usually lighter on the pocket. But lately, I’m leaning more towards black car services. Here’s why:

  1. Familiar Faces: One of the cool things about black car services is that drivers usually stick with one company and use the same car. It feels safer knowing that there aren’t many different people in and out of that car daily.
  2. Clean Rides: While rideshare apps have stepped up with cleaning, black car services seem a notch above. I trust them more to keep things spotless.
  3. Pro Drivers: No shade to Uber and Lyft drivers, but black car drivers have some serious skills. Not just driving, but they seem more tuned into health protocols and offering a seamless, comfy ride.
  4. Less Hustle & Bustle: Black car drivers don’t seem to pick up and drop off as many people daily as the average Uber might. There are fewer chances of running into someone with the sniffles.
  5. Quality Matters: Black car services have a rep to protect. They can’t afford slip-ups, especially now. So, they’re super on the ball with safety.
  6. Ride in Style: Let’s be honest; there’s something nice about sinking into a plush car seat with a courteous driver up front.
  7. No Surge Surprises: I’ve had my share of “Whoa, that’s how much?!” moments with rideshare apps. With black car services, the rate feels steadier.
  8. Support Local: A lot of black car services are local ventures. So, it feels good knowing I’m helping a neighbor out.

So, there you have it. I’m not saying ditch you rideshare apps, but if you’re like me and are a tad more cautious with this new COVID wave, you might want to give black car services a spin. Stay safe out there, folks!