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History Of Limousine – Luxury Car Service In Chicago

Limo offers luxurious and comfortable travel to thousands of people in Chicago and nearby areas. Multiple agencies now compete for providing better car services to the customers and constantly strive to get better. However, not much is known about how this luxury car service started in the first place. Sit back and enjoy the History of this luxury car service.

How it Started?

The 1700s – Horse-drawn carriages started with a clear difference between the chauffeur and passengers. Back then, it was mainly used to carry wealthy elites in Chicago.

1889 – The carriages evolved into cars and then to the limousine that primarily came from France. There were separate chambers for driver and passengers.

The 1900s – The practical automobile version of limousine came into the market and not long enough, it started gaining pace.

The late 1920s – The stretched limousines came into picture and were loved by the wealthy elites. Arkansas Company was the one that started manufacturing the longer form of a standard limo. After that, the implementation of Cadillac Chassis gave a thrust to the production to this long limo.

  • These limos used to transfer the musicians and their musical instruments from one gig to another, giving Limo the name ‘Big Band Buses’.

The 1930s-1960s – The limousines used to carry superstars, actors, and famous personalities apart from wealthy aristocrats.

The 1970s- 2000 – The stretched limos were gaining traction as a funeral car to transport mourners.

How it is Going?

2000 Present – Limo has now become a symbol of status, luxury, and comfort. The change in structure, interior, features, and facilities of a limo has completely transformed it into a high-class luxury car. Some of the luxuries include full bars, colourful optic lighting systems, plasma screens, strobe lights, DVD/ CD, sunroofs, streaming media players, leather seating, intercom systems, and plush carpets, etc.

Limo is chosen by many people, especially when they need a car service to Airport, Prom Nights, Parties, and travelling around the city. Now the car has become more accessible to the general public than it was in the last century. It has also become much more affordable. Since a limo can take up to 8 passengers, the people can easily split the bill with their friends and enjoy a comfortable ride.

At present, various manufacturing companies compete to build more luxurious car than the one plying on the streets. And, similar is the case with the agencies providing limo service to the people.

All American Limousine allows the clients to select from our fleet of limos ranging from Luxury Sedans, Corporate Cars, SUVShuttle BusParty Bus, Van, Sprinter, Buses, Stretch Limousine, and Mini Coach. The travelers now has the liberty to choose the car service according to their needs and demands. Give us a call, and we will arrange an elegant and comfortable limo for you; whether you require car service to/from the Airport or are planning a night out with friends. We provide 24/7 service to our customers. Get in touch by calling us at (773) 992-0902 or writing to us at limo@allamericanlimo.com