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Savoring Excellence at Chicago’s Spacca Napoli: A World-Class Pizzeria Experience!

Indulge in the unforgettable flavors of Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, Chicago's culinary jewel recognized by 50 Top Pizza. 🍕 Embark on a gourmet journey through authentic Italian delights and experience the city's culinary excellence, all while traveling in unparalleled luxury. 🌟 #BestPizzeriaChicago #WorldClassPizza #AuthenticItalian #ChicagoCulinaryExcellence
A delicious spread at Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, showcasing the renowned Neapolitan-style pizzas that mark Chicago's culinary excellence on the global map.

Chicago’s Very Own: Spacca Napoli Pizzeria Amongst World’s Best

Chicago, a city renowned for its culinary tapestry, especially its iconic deep-dish pizzas, is basking in the glory of international acclaim with Spacca Napoli Pizzeria’s inclusion in the coveted 50 Top Pizza ranking. This North Side jewel is adding a feather to Chicago’s cap by being listed as one of the 100 best pizzerias globally, a feat that’s akin to the culinary Oscars.

A Slice Above the Rest

Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, situated in the charming neighborhood of Ravenswood, secured the 93rd spot, rubbing shoulders with renowned pizzerias located in iconic cities such as Naples, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, and even places in The Philippines. Specializing in thin crust Neapolitan-style pizzas, Spacca Napoli has managed to garner a following that’s as diverse as its eclectic menu.

Journey to Global Recognition

Earlier this year, this Chicago-native pizzeria already made waves by ranking 14th on a guide to the 50 top pizza spots in the U.S. So, ascending to the global ranks seems like a natural progression. Jonathan Goldsmith, the restaurant owner and a proud Chicagoan, has significantly contributed to the restaurant’s success by integrating the exquisite Neapolitan secrets he gleaned during his time in Naples.

It’s not just the impeccable pizzas that Jonathan offers; he ensures his guests are immersed in an authentic Italian experience, a commitment supported robustly by his business and life partner, Ginny Sykes. Their ensemble of offerings goes beyond Neapolitan pizza, featuring traditionally Italian fried dishes, pasta, main courses, and desserts. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria stands as the lone Midwestern representative in the list, symbolizing Chicago’s escalating culinary influence.

A Culinary Experience Complemented by Luxury Travel

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Savoring Excellence

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