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3 Models of Limo Most Used in Limo Service

Availing a limo service at the airport is done by businessmen and those looking for a comfortable ride from the airport. There are many reasons why people opt for limo service; they are comfortable, spacious, luxurious, on-time, and you get driven by professional chauffeurs. The company providing the service will have many different limos and other black luxury cars you can select when booking with them. If this is your first time booking a limo service, here are the three most popular models and when you should choose them.


Lincoln MKS


Lincoln MKS is a sedan-type limo that is one of the most used models across the limo car service industry. This kind of car is also called a town car, and they are the perfect car for couples or a family of three. The car has ample legroom, making it a very comfortable car to ride. The car is also high on safety features, with side airbags for passengers. Another great feature that makes this sedan such a crowd favorite is that the car can be pre-cooled or warmed through a remote start system. So, let the company know the temperature you are comfortable in, and the car will be like that the moment you enter. This is a perfect couple’s car for a honeymoon airport trip or a date night in the city.


Stretch Limo


When we think of limo, the first image that pops into our mind is the stretch limo. This model is the most hired limo when it comes to occasions like weddings, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, and other such joyful occasions. It can accommodate a group of 10 people and comes with great amenities like a drink bar, party music, touchscreen tv, and other amenities. People are now hiring stretch limos to host birthday parties in them, including children’s birthday parties.


Executive SUV Limo


This is the first choice for corporate booking as it can accommodate up to 7 people. The SUV is a perfect combination of high functionality with elegant design. The interiors are mostly plush leather and come with many kinds of amenities. There is enough legroom even for those sitting in the back. If you are looking for a limo service at the airport for business reasons, this is the best option to hire. 


So, these are the three most common and preferred options when it comes to hiring a limo for an airport or any other purpose.