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Types Of Limo Services You Can Hire

Limousines are excessively luxurious and convenient. However, there is much more to the ride of a limousine than just convenience and class. To take advantage of the ride you have booked, you need to ensure that you have successfully identified the variation of limousines and booked according to your preferences.

In Case You Don’t Know The Variations Of Limo Services To Airport You Can Hire From, Here Is A List….

  • Sedan Limousine

If you want a compact effect, you should go for a sedan limousine. Although it is grand, the automobile does not feel too spacious to make you feel lonely. Moreover, it can seat up to four passengers. It is one of the most cost-effective options you can choose; it is best when hired by corporate or business travelers.

  • SUV Limousine

The SUV Limousine is for you if you are thinking of taking a road trip with your friends or colleagues. Comparatively bigger than the sedan limousine, it features everything that you can ever ask for. Starting from a fully equipped bar to a multimedia area and a television and an audio system, the trunk that can fit long kid strollers and bags is everything you can ask for in a limousine.

  • Limo Bus

Don’t want the party to stop? If that is the case, then the limo bus is what you should go for. Limo bus, also known as part bus among the youngsters, can accommodate up to thirty passengers. Hence, it is one of the largest accommodations for limousines. It comes with exciting features such as proper restrooms, upholstered and leisure sofas, poles, disco floor, lights, drinking zones, and whatnot. It is the perfect bus if you have hosted a party.

  • Stretch Limo

As the name suggests, the stretch limo is the stretched version of the sedan limousine. It provides seating options for more than four passengers. Some features that you will find here are an extended bar, champagne flute, audio-visual systems, and LED lights.

Apart from these basic variations of limousines, you can also choose to have a hummer limo, The Convertible Limo, or a Lincoln Limousine. No matter where you have decided to travel to, depending on the event, seek Transportation Service to O’Hare Airport or any other place from All American Limousine. Their unparalleled service will leave you speechless.