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Limousine Vs. Stretch Limo: Which One Is Better

One of the common notions that many clients tend to have about hiring car services is whether they should go for limo stretch or the classic limousine. Even the difference between the two most-hired cars is one of the common questions that many clients tend to ask the car services company.

If You Have The Same Queries, Then You Are In Luck Because We Will Share With You The Difference Between Chicago Limousine And Stretch Limousine….

The major difference between the limousine and the stretch limousine is the size of the car. If a chauffeur drives the luxury car, it indicates it to be a limousine. It does not matter what variation of a car is being driven; it can be a sedan or a stretch limo; as long as the chauffeur drives it, it will be deemed a limousine.

The terminology “limousine” refers to the luxury car that is generally chauffeured. Unlike the taxi that also comes with a driver, a limousine is a car that symbolizes class, elegance, and refinement. Due to its association with extravaganza, it is only hired for special occasions rather than becoming a symbol of mass consumption.

Hence, the aspects that make the limousine stand out from the rest of the car deemed as taxi, such as extra amenities, gathered seating arrangements, and deliverance of beverages, make it special. So, it is not the car that makes it just a limousine; it is the service you get that renders the automobile known as a limousine.

Hence, it explains the variation of limousines that are available nowadays. The stretch of limousine provides the clients with unlimited options to choose from depending on the occasion and gives them the chance to find something under their budget. Limousines can be a sedan, a hybrid, a mini SUV, a taxi car, an SUV, a stretch limousine, or even a flex fuel.

To some extent, many companies have started to include party buses and vans as a limousine because it gives the client the option to benefit from a chauffeured ride with a large number of people together. So, simply put, the difference between a limousine and a stretch limo is merely the length of the car and the service you get to obtain. So, next time you are thinking of going big, hire Car Service Chicago from All American Limousine. Again, get access to chauffeured rides with the best equipment possible.