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How Should You Tip Your Chauffeur?

One of the most debated matters that many clients of limousine services have fought over is undoubtedly the matter of tip. How much should a chauffeur be tipped? Many debates over the amount because each person has different concepts about the term “tips.” As there is no set and the appropriate amount to tip a car service or a limousine driver, it creates confusion. That is why today, we will share with you the varying tipping practices.

Hourly vs. Fixed Rate

The first thing you need to consider while deciding how much you need to tip a limousine driver is going through their mode of payment. Are they paid hourly, or are they paid at a fixed rate?

Hourly drivers are generally paid based on the hours they spend driving the clients around their chosen destination. However, the fixed rate drivers will be paid a preset amount based on the duration of the trip.

The tip of the fixed-rate drivers is generally calculated with the final rate. However, on an hourly basis, you may have to consider doing it after your journey with them comes to an end.

Off the Clock tips:

It is also important to consider that although the chauffeur will be paid for the time, they will be driving, more goes into the job than just steering that large limousine.

It needs precision, planning, and understanding to make the client’s travel experience comfortable and convenient. Moreover, they may have to wait while the clients attend events, especially if they are hired as the event Chicago Limousine Service.

The driver may also be responsible for cleaning and even preparing the vehicle. Therefore, it is always better to tip the drivers out of consideration for their time.

Duration of the Trip

It would be very inconsiderate if you don’t tip the chauffeur for driving at least thirty miles as for even driving five miles. The same amount of energy and planning goes into the trip.

So, the longer the trip, the more one should tip the driver. A short drive from your departure place to the airport usually requires the tip of around $5-$10.

However, if the driver is driving for over an hour, you have to give the tip of $20 at least. Or you can choose the 10% of the total bill method for an easier option.

So next time you hire Limo Service Chicago, make sure that you do so from All American Limousine. Then, now that you know how to tip them, follow the practice thoroughly.