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BMW Championship at Olympia Fields Country Club: Elevate the Experience with Party Bus Services

The anticipation is palpable. The prestigious BMW Championship is returning to the legendary Olympia Fields Country Club, and everyone is preparing to witness golfing brilliance. If you’re considering making this occasion even more unique, what better way to roll up with friends and fellow enthusiasts in a party bus?

Why a Party Bus for the BMW Championship?

  1. Group Fun: Convert travel time into an extension of the event. Share predictions, discuss favorite players, and start the fun even before reaching the venue.
  2. Cost-Efficient for Groups: When divided among a group, hiring a party bus can be more cost-effective than multiple cars.
  3. Safety First: No worries about designating a driver. Everyone can enjoy themselves without compromising security as professional chauffeurs take the wheel.

Selecting the Perfect Party Bus Service

  • Online Research: A simple “Party bus service near Olympia Fields Country Club” search can yield valuable results. Prioritize services with top ratings and positive reviews.
  • Capacity Matters: From minibusses to full-size coaches, determine the size you’ll need based on your group.
  • Amenities on Offer: Many party buses have amenities like music systems, mood lighting, and sometimes even a bar setup. Choose based on what will enhance your group’s experience.

FAQs on Party Bus Services for the BMW Championship

  1. How early should I book the party bus?
    • Considering the popularity of the BMW Championship, it’s wise to book as early as possible. This ensures availability and may fetch you better rates.
  1. Can we bring our food and drinks on the bus?
    • Most party bus services allow it but always check with the provider. Some might even offer packages that include beverages or snacks.
  1. Are there any restrictions on decor or themes inside the bus?
    • While many providers are flexible, discussing specific decor plans is always best.
  1. What about parking or drop-off at the Olympia Fields?
    • The chauffeur typically handles this, but it’s wise to discuss logistics, given the event’s popularity.
  1. How is the cost determined?
    • Party bus pricing can be hourly or a flat rate. Factors include the size of the bus, duration of hire, amenities, and any additional requests.


The BMW Championship at Olympia Fields Country Club is more than just a sporting event; it’s an experience. Elevate this experience by starting the celebration right from the journey. With a party bus, you make a statement on arrival and ensure the spirit of the Championship is alive every mile of the way.