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5 Romantic Ideas To Make Your Anniversary Memorable

Being married for a long time should be celebrated each year. Don’t wait for milestone years like the 10th or 25th Anniversary of you two being together; make sure you celebrate each year as another milestone crosses. If you are stuck over how to spend your next Anniversary, here are some romantic ideas that are sure to work.

  1. Surprise trip

Nothing can rekindle the romance in your life more than a spontaneous trip. Of course, you must do some pre-planning without alerting your partner. Is there a city she has always wanted to see? Then book a weekend trip there near your anniversary date, or within the week if you can manage holidays. Make it extra special by arranging a luxury car service to Chicago airport from your doorstep.

  1. Go back in time

Remember when you met and what you did on your first few dates. Then try to recreate the same scenario or visit the places you used to in your dating days. You will be surprised to see how much you have changed and grown as a couple once you visit the old memories.

  1. Couple’s spa day

Don’t have time for a holiday or elaborate anniversary dates? Then book an hour of a couple’s spa in one of the city’s best-rated establishments. This touch of luxury, comfort, and intimacy will close you two and take away the stress of your daily life. Not even time for that? Then have a DIY spa at home with face masks and an intimate bath together, and then relax in the most comfortable part of your home.

  1. Cook together

Kitchen romance is always the best way to rekindle the joy of togetherness. It can be done in many ways, including traditional cooking for your significant other. You can take up a couple of cooking classes together and learn something new while feeling closer by cooking together.

  1. Have a night out

Couples, especially those with young children, often miss the joy of having a night out. So, on this Anniversary, ask a friend or relative to look after your children or arrange a babysitter. Then book a limo service in Chicago for your night out. Your chauffeur will help you go to the hottest places in the town because they know them all. You don’t have to worry about parking or drinking because you are not driving! So, have a blast and enjoy being in a two-person world.