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4 Tips On Saving Money While Renting A Party Bus

It is becoming common to rent a limo bus in Chicago for family events. The rental prices depend much on the type of bus you are renting and the hours. However, no matter what kind of model you choose or the hours of rent, you can save some money if you follow these tips.


Negotiate well


Before you pinpoint a company, you should first check out the rental prices of the different companies and then select some that are within your budget. When you talk to them, don’t forget to negotiate. Don’t feel awkward or ashamed about dealing as everything in the market can be arranged. One point of negotiation can be the various services included in the package you are aiming for. If there is one service among it that you don’t need, you can negotiate on excluding that and lowering the quoted price.


Stick to your time limit


One way you end up paying more when renting a party bus is when you don’t return the bus within the agreed time. You have to be very Cinderella-like when renting a party bus; make sure you leave your venue with time to spare so that you return the bus within your time limit. Sometimes, if the time limit is midnight, a considerable charge is applicable if you return the bus after midnight,


Choose according to your group number.


There are various types of party buses available for rent in Chicago. Some can take 12 to 15 while limo buses can take 24. So, before you select your model, do a good calculation on your group number. There is no point in paying more for a 24-seater party bus when fewer than 20 people are in your group. Similarly, please don’t spoil the fun of riding a limo bus by overcrowding it.


If you can, avoid peak season


The wedding and festival seasons are peak seasons in the Chicago party bus rental industry. If you are not hiring for these purposes, it is best to avoid hiring during peak season. For one, you may not find the model you are looking for, and second, companies will be less interested in negotiating the price with you. If you have to book a party bus during the peak season, try doing it well ahead so that you can get some discounts and your vehicle choice.