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Party Bus in Chicago

4 Tips On Organizing The Perfect Limo Party Bus In Chicago

Hosting a party in a Chicago Limo is very popular, and people are hosting them for all kinds of events, be it a wedding shower or a graduation party. If you are also thinking about having a limo party for your next big event, here are some tips that will make the job easier.


First of all, decide on the guest list. Since the space is limited, you must be careful when deciding on your guest list. If you have selected your limo model first, you must prepare the number of guests accordingly. For example, if you are hiring a stretch limo, you can invite only a small group of intimate friends. If you are hiring a limo bus, you can invite more people. Alternatively, you can decide on the number of guests and select the car model. Whichever you do, keep the comfort factor as the most important aspect of choosing a model. The guests should be able to move and sit comfortably in the limo. Add to it the items you will be bringing in the car, like food items, drink items, and so on. Plus, the guests may get gifts (depending on the occasion) which you have to accommodate.


Next, you will need to consider the amenities. Limo models come with different amenities that it offers. For example, hiring a party bus in Chicago may come with amenities like live music, a bartender, and disco floors. In some limos, you can find drink cabinets. The rental companies also provide various add-ons and amenities. Some provide free drinks on board, while others offer free bartenders or DJs for the party. Some may allow you to bring your booze, while others may not. So, when selecting your rental car companies, discuss these in full so that there is no nasty surprise on the day of your limo party. 


Always let the rental company and the driver know your itinerary and the event for which you are having the limo party. This way, the rental company will ensure you are on time at your destination (if there is any). Another thing to clear with your rental company is whether food is allowed onboard or not. Some may allow snacks and not main courses, while others may not even allow a pack of chips!


Lastly, be clear about tipping the chauffeur for your party bus in Chicago. Some companies may include tipping on the bill, so talk to your rental company about tipping.