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Limo Service to O'Hare

3 Ways To Reach Downtown Chicago From O’Hare Airport

Going to Chicago for the first time? You may be wondering how to reach your hotel in downtown Chicago. Like any important airport in the country, there are many options available to fliers coming to Chicago, from the public transport system to hiring a limo to O’Hare service. Here is a quick summary of the three most commonly used transport systems to and from O’Hare and downtown Chicago.

Let’s start with the cheapest option available, which is the Blue Line train. It costs less than $10 and the trains run 24/7. It means no matter how late your train is; you can easily reach the downtown area by taking this train. The only issue is time; the journey takes about 45 minutes. There are automated vending machines near the exit points where you can purchase tickets to this train. The tickets are one-way, but there is also an option to buy a Ventra Card, which lets your ride the train any number of times within a day. And it is priced as much as a one-way ticket to downtown Chicago from O’Hare Airport.

If you are looking for the quickest option, you must go for an airport taxi or shuttle service. The taxis are also available 24/7; it takes about 30 minutes to reach your destination. If you are taking a local taxi, the fare is based on miles covered; but if you are taking a private shuttle, it may be a fixed charge. There can be additional charges related to how heavy your luggage is, if you are traveling during peak commute hours or if there are toll taxes to be paid. It is, of course, costlier that taking the train. The taxi can be hailed near the arrival terminal doors of Terminals 1 to 3 and 5. You may have to queue up depending on the rush to get your taxi.

High-end transfer options like limo service to O’Hare are an upgrade to taking a taxi to downtown Chicago. Nothing can beat the luxury of riding a limo, and it is a great way to impress the people you are meeting. You can book limo services even before reaching Chicago, and they will be there for you when you land. No need to queue up or ride public transport with your luggage; talk with your driver to locate them and then relax on your way to downtown Chicago.