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3 Tips on How to Handle Your Out-Of-Town Relatives at a Wedding

In your wedding ceremony, some guests or relatives will be out-of-town guests. You will need to make special arrangements for them to feel welcome at your wedding ceremony. From arranging party buses to Chicago suburbs to sending them gift cards, here are three ways to handle your out-of-town relatives or guests.

To start with, always invite your out-of-town guests earlier than your local guests. That is because once they “save the date,” they will need to arrange their holiday and other important affairs to be at your wedding. They can also arrange their flights according to their comfort once they know the dates of your wedding ceremony.

Second is the accommodation. Most often, it is the bridal party that arranges for it. Sometimes, the wedding venue provides accommodation for out-of-town guests, so talk to the venue you booked. You may get discounts or freebies if you can negotiate well. If you are going to book hotel accommodation for them, make sure to choose one that is near your wedding venue. This way, the guests can easily reach it independently if needed. Try to book rooms adjacent to each other or on the same floor so your guests can meet each other, and it will be easy for you to contact them as well. As for the number of rooms to book, it can be half the number of guests unless you invite a family of more than two who will need to share a room.

And that brings us to an important aspect of taking care of your out-of-town relatives or guests, transportation. If you book them in a hotel, ask if it offers free airport pick u/drop services. Otherwise, you can book a Chicago party bus for the wedding to transport your guests. this booking should be made as soon as you send the invites to your out-of-town relatives or guests. Wedding seasons often demand such party buses, so you may only find one if you book on time. Your wedding celebration can start on the bus as you pick up your guests. These buses have options like a drinks bar, DJ music, and more.

So, these are three important tips on how to make your out-of-town relatives or guests feel extra special when they come to your wedding.