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3 Things To Ask Before Renting Your First Stretch Limo Bus Chicago

Renting your first stretch limo in Chicago and Limo bus Chicago? Then that is a great decision. Whether it is for prom night or your bachelorette party, a stretch limo is a great rental car option. But for this to go smoothly, don’t forget to ask your rental car service provider these questions.

Do you do drug testing and background check on your driver? 

The driver who comes with your stretch limo is essential to the whole experience. A stretch limo driver is more than just a car driver; they are trained to be polite, knowledgeable, and above all, very proficient in driving through the city. Hence, a good limo rental company should do good background checks and drug tests for their drivers. Remember, you will be in the car with your family and friends, so you can’t compromise safety. Thankfully, as said before, most rental companies will be happy to provide you with this information. And that is something a car booked through car aggregators can never provide.

Do you own the cars that we are hiring? 

Like any other industry, you will also find fraud in the limo rental industry. Just ask them in detail about the limo they hire to best differentiate between a genuine one and a fraud. Ask them in detail about the car, like the model and the year of manufacture. Better still, ask them for a picture of their car with some proof that it was taken that day. Only genuine rental companies can provide you with these details. Then there are companies which hire them and rent them to you when you book one. Naturally, such cars come at a higher rental price than those hired from genuine stretch limo rental companies. So be very sure of this aspect before finalizing your deal.

Can you give me a break-up of the rental cost?

Renting a stretch limo may involve paying more than the rental price. So, ask in detail about their fee break-up beforehand. Mostly, limo bus Chicago is hired at hourly rates. Don’t forget to ask about the minimum hours you have to hire and what is included in that hourly rate. For example, sometimes, the parking fee is not included in the hourly rate, and you have to pay extra. Similarly, some companies may add a gratuity for the chauffeurs in their fee structure. Whatever the fee, be sure of what you are paying beforehand so that you don’t face any unexpected costs after renting the car.