My Night Out - Why I Always Rent A Limo | Stories From A Customer

My Night Out – Why I Always Rent A Limo | Stories From A Customer

It all began with a shared love for music. My group of friends and I found out that our favorite band was going to be playing right here in Chicago! We just had to go, we couldn’t miss it. After a long night of arguing over ticket prices and how close we can get to the stage, the tickets were purchased.

In the weeks leading up to our big night, the thought came into my mind: what are we going to do for transportation? There were 20 of us total going to the concert. Carpooling was an option, but then we had to keep track of each other, fight for parking and someone had to be the designated driver. So that idea was thrown out the window rather quickly.

Someone in our group suggested we take a cab, in our case several cabs. It sounded great, until we crunched the numbers and everyone would end up paying more for the cab ride than the concert ticket itself. And not to mention—cabs are just plain old smelly.

Then, I stumbled upon All American Limo online. Their website was impressive, and I called right away to see what they could offer us. If everyone pitched in, we could split a limo less than the price of a cab, and it came to be only a fraction of the cost of our concert tickets! I called my friends right away to tell them the good news.

Needless to say, we rolled up to the concert in style. We chose a stretch SUV limo to drive us to and from the concert. We had a blast! We didn’t have to worry about parking, or who was driving. All we had to worry about was singing our hearts out, dancing and having a great night.

Thanks All American Limo for enhancing our concert experience!